Move over Gray

Move over Gray, your fifty shades have had their time in the spotlight.  We are ready to move on to real colors that make us happy.   The emotional value of color has been unsurpassed and is making an enchanting comeback.

With delight we look at flowers, the yellows, reds, and blues lift our spirits.  The same goes for home furnishings, when a room is comfortable and cozy, you will use it more.

There are easy ways to add color to any room.  A chest that has been painted or restored, pillows with a pattern, and lively artwork.

A little secret for all of you, saturated color in your dining room is making a big resurgence.  Traditional mahogany tables like our parents and grandparents had are all the rage and in demand.

Bringing a mahogany dining table into your home or using the one you own doesn’t mean you are cashing in your youthful chips, you are evolving.

Have fun setting your table with bright earthenware place settings and different shape accessories. Whatever makes you happy will make other people happy too.

Mahogany has memories from the past can be relived and make new memories.

Making memories, Ann

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