Go Classic

Blog photo 06-28-16

Go Classic

As a lover of all thing fashion, I can attest to one thing, classic is classic.  Everyday, my email inbox receives about 20 fashion blogs that include hair, make-up and general beauty tips.  They all have a common denominator – classic.

Pencil skirts, pearls, pumps and pony tails are always in style and have been for since the 40’s.  What has changed is the color, the fabric and how we wear them.  In the 40 and 50’s you would wear a matching jacket with a skirt, now we throw on a denim jacket and sandals and call it a day.

In the 40’s and 50’s pumps were only worn with skirts and dresses, now we wear them with ripped jeans.  Still the same skirt and shoes, just a little update.

The same rules go for our homes.  To me, the mahogany table is the unsung hero of home furnishings.  It is stoic and refined at the same time.  They have withstood the test of time and have proven their value in our homes.

The beauty of the mahogany table is how each one is individual just like us.  They have their own DNA which is evident in the grain.  Indigenous to the Americas (Cuba, Honduras, Brazil and even South Florida), this beautiful and valuable wood was at one time used to make boats and instruments.  This is not only because if it’s strength but also because of the status and bombshell appearance.

Envision your own use of this precious wood and make a statement.

Treasure the table you have, or get one.  It is easy to bring a mahogany table up to date with upholstered chairs, light paint and artwork that you love.

Making Memories, Ann



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