Old and New

Old and New

Antiques we own are treasures from the past, they remind us of how the world used to be, how our relatives lived and how the artistry of the past has been snuffed out.

Even these treasures can become tiresome, we have seen that server one too many times that we don’t even notice it anymore.  The beautiful lamp in the hallway is just in the way now.  Let’s rethink this; your grandmother’s mahogany server and the lamp from your favorite uncle have a place in your home and your heart.  It just takes a little imagination to make them feel fresh and loved again.

Moving a traditional server in front of a freshly painted wall with a modern piece of art over it, is unexpected and intriguing.  Flank the server with two bright upholstered dining chairs and you have a masterpiece!

Because it’s your home you do whatever you want, even if it’s non-conventional. When your house reflects you and your life, it feels more like home. Putting an antique lamp in your kitchen is a great idea, again an expected way to liven up your space.  It is also a great conversation piece!

Change is good and breathing new life into antiques is exceptional!

Englishman’s wishes you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.

Making Memories, Ann O’Connor

@annelizabethoco #oldandnewold-and-new-board


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